Shocking Appeal Launched in High-Profile Murder Case – Convicted Killer’s Fate Hangs in the Balance!

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in South Australia has lodged an appeal against the sentencing of Tarikjot Singh, a convicted murderer, in connection with the “horrific” murder of 21-year-old Jasmeen Kaur. The appeal aims to lengthen Singh’s sentence, which currently stands at a non-parole period of 22 years and 10 months, merely four years beyond the mandatory minimum.

Singh was involved in stalking, abducting, and murdering Kaur in March 2021. Her body was subsequently disposed of in a shallow grave located over 400 kilometers away from where she was last seen leaving work.

Expressing her feelings, Kaur’s mother conveyed to 9News that no punishment could ever compensate for the “evil” act that led to her daughter’s tragic death. She struggled to find words to describe her feelings about the judgment. “It is hard … it is extremely hard, sometimes it is impossible,” she said. The haunting images of her daughter’s final 10 hours continue to torment her.

For the DPP’s appeal to succeed, they will need to present a compelling case to the appeal court, demonstrating that Singh’s initial sentence was insufficient and disproportionately brief, warranting a reversal. Premier Peter Malinauskas expressed his support for the DPP’s decision, stating, “I think it’s the right decision from the DPP.” He further emphasized the gravity of the crime, labeling it as one of the most appalling in the state’s history and asserting that the sentence should reflect its severity.

Singh initially denied any involvement in the murder but later changed his plea to guilty prior to the commencement of his trial earlier this year.

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