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Hello Readers, if you want to know how you can download bank of baroda online email statement using bob world app then in this post you will get idea about it.

bob world is official app of bank of baroda ( dena bank + vijaya bank). bank of baroda is one of the largest government bank in india. it has millions of customers/users all over the india. some of the users want to download the statement of the bank of baroda using online mode then they can follow the following steps to download BOB World email statement.

Steps to download email statement using BOB World free

these are the steps to download BOB email statement using bank of baroda Net banking app

if you are new user for bOB World

Step 1 : download bOB World app from play store or from ios store.

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Step 3 : After installation register your device,set up security code along with registered mobile number in the bank with bob world app.

Step 4 : Set up login pin and Transaction pin for first time

Step 5 : Enable Biometric(fingerprint) if required for you.

if you are already registered customer with BOB world

Step 6 : then login in bob world app with bio metric/ login pin / transaction pin

Step 7 : in the my bob tab click on the passbook button

Step 8 : select bank account number

Step 9 : select time period for which you want to download the statement. then click on 2nd icon after that it will ask you to enter email id to download statement.


Step 9 : click on the search bar then type statement then it will prompt up account statement . click on it. select the time range for which you wanted to download the email statement.

Step 10 : Enter email id to download the email Statement of bOB World.

hurry !!!!!!!!!

you have Successfully downloaded BOB email statement using bank of baroda Net banking app

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